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Your Medical Assessment

A.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services Ltd strives to make your assessment as stress-free as possible. When it comes to being evaluated, it is important to understand what to expect.

An Independent Medical Evaluation is a thorough assessment by a qualified expert who does not have a past doctor-patient relationship with you, and will not become a treatment provider. This ensures impartiality.

You can expect your assessment to take up to several hours, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothing and have water and a snack with you if required.

The assessment will involve a thorough review of your medical documents, a history, and a clinical examination with various tests, as deemed necessary.

The goal of your medical assessment is for our assessors to gain a better understanding of your accident, injury, or illness and how it has affected you physically and/or mentally. For our assessments to be accurate and complete, you will need to be prepared for a line of questioning and testing. It is vital that you understand that this is part of the process so that you can be fully prepared when you arrive at your appointment.

It is your right to be informed and you will be treated with respect and dignity throughout the process. Ask us questions and seek clarification where needed. We are here to help.

Following your assessment, the assessor will prepare a final report that outlines findings and medical opinions. This report will be submitted to the referral source.

doctor holding patient's hand, shoulder joint treatment

How Do I Prepare for My Appointment?

  • Be Comfortable: Your appointment may take up to several hours in duration, so wear comfortable clothing, and bring a drink/snack as may be necessary.
  • Bring Identification: You will need to provide proof of identity via Government Photo ID.
  • Bring Reading Glasses: You will be expected to read and complete various forms or questionnaires, including a consent form.
  • Bring Medication List: It is helpful to bring a list of the medications you are taking.
  • Friends and family: If you plan on attending your assessment with friends or family, please be advised that you will be the only person permitted into the actual assessment room with the assessor unless you are a minor being accompanied by a guardian/parent.

If you require accommodation, please make the request in advance of the appointment date so it can be properly considered.

A.R.S. is committed to the highest quality service, treating all persons served with respect and dignity.

Contact us with questions or feedback. We are here to help and to continually improve.

male doctor doing some physiotherapy with a senior patient

What Happens During the Assessment?

While each type of assessment may differ in duration or structure, you can generally expect to experience:

  • Reception at Location: Identify yourself upon arrival to your appointment; identification will be checked.
  • Completion of Forms and/or Intake Questionnaires: You may be asked to complete a variety of forms and/or questionnaires to assist with better understanding your condition. You will also be asked to provide written consent to the assessment process, which includes the preparation and submission of a final report.
  • History Taking: A thorough history process will occur, generally resulting in a series of questions about the subject incident, your functional status, your current condition, pre-incident status, as well as current symptoms, impairments, and treatments to date.
  • Clinical Evaluation: The assessor will proceed to examine your physical, mental health, cognitive or functional status, as required and as within their scope of expertise. This may involve various tests, physical or otherwise.

At the conclusion of your assessment, you may provide us with feedback about the process. We value any opportunity to improve.

Also, please note that during or following a thorough physical evaluation, you may feel some discomfort. It is important to communicate what you are feeling to the assessor so it can help guide the examination in a safe and collaborative manner.

Reliable Medical Assessments Across Ontario, and All of Canada

The staff at A.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services Ltd have years of experience providing quality service with a focus on professionalism, integrity, and timely results.

We maintain a vetted roster of qualified medical and paramedical experts across all fields of specialization.

We pride ourselves on accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased reporting.

When it comes to having an independent medical evaluation, we are here to serve.

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