Medical Legal

A.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services Inc. provides a variety of services to facilitate medical legal casework:

  • Medical Legal Examinations, including all medical specialties and para-medical scopes of practice;
  • Catastrophic Impairment Assessments by qualified CAT assessors;
  • Vocational Services including Psychovocational and Neuropsychovocational Assessments, Labour Market Surveys and Transferrable Skills Analyses;
  • Diagnostic Imaging Services;
  • Future Care Assessments and Critiques; and
  • Excellent customer service and support.

At A.R.S., we pride ourselves on offering clients a trouble-free approach to securing appropriate examiners and to having medical legal examinations and reports completed in a timely fashion.  A.R.S. offers access to a wide range of examiners across Canada, fast booking dates and guaranteed report turnaround timeframes.

A.R.S. has a national roster of medical and para-medical experts with whom your requested examinations may be booked.



A.R.S. is uniquely positioned to facilitate expert medical legal services that feature:

  • Nationwide evaluators with extensive experience in medical legal reporting within their respective scopes of expertise;
  • Highly qualified evaluators in a full range of medical and para-medical disciplines nationwide;
  • Evaluators who understand the importance of being available for testimony, should the need arise
  • Use of Certified Life Care Planning credentialed evaluators for Future Care Cost Assessments and Critiques;
  • Catastrophic Medical Evaluators, including the following areas of expertise:
    • Neurological Disorders;
    • Spinal Cord Injuries;
    • Multiple Injuries;
    • Amputations. 


Medical Doctors and Clinical Experts Always Available to Assist:

A.R.S. works closely with medical doctors and clinical experts who routinely assist with complex situations, if the need should arise.  If you should have questions or should you require assistance that may benefit from speaking with an experienced clinician, we would be happy to help.  We always have a clinical expert available to help answer your medical or clinical questions.


Electronic Document Management:

A.R.S. utilizes state of the art software to safely and securely transfer documents electronically. SecureDox is PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant, providing tracking and confidentiality where email cannot.  All medical documents are transferred utilizing this software, which allows A.R.S. to distribute reports directly to the client without the need for couriers.
SecureDox provides an internal auditing system which allows the document submission activity to be tracked.  SecureDox also provides a 24-hour notification period that provides notification to A.R.S. when a document has not been opened. Large documents of more than 5,000 pages can be transferred instantaneously and SecureDox can also transfer photographs, audio recordings, or virtually any other electronic medium.