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Our Senior Management Team

Soula Tsakanikas

Soula Tsakanikas


Soula Tsakanikas, BA Kin (Hons), CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Tsakanikas began her career in the field of disability management and independent medical evaluations as a volunteer in diverse clinical settings; this interest progressed into formal study and attainment of a bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Human Health, which was completed at York University. She later worked as a Kinesiology Consultant and performed in-home evaluations and functional abilities evaluations before finally conceptualizing and creating her company, A.R.S.
Ms. Tsakanikas has acquired decades of experience in corporate sales, government relations, and marketing. She has endeavored to enhance her corporate presence through continuing education, self-enrichment, and leadership training courses. She is proud to have completed a leadership certificate program through the Dale Carnegie Business Group, further enhancing her leadership and management skillset. Soula continues to pursue and complete various programs geared toward self-development and leadership.

Jason Swain

Dr. Jason Swain

President & COO

Dr. Jason Swain, Hons. BSc, MBA, DC, CFE, CICE
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Swain is a member, in good standing, of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, the Canadian Chiropractic Association, and the Ontario Chiropractic Association. He is licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario. Dr. Swain holds an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Brunswick, a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Fredericton. He is a Certified Functional Abilities Evaluator (ARCON) and a Certified Independent Chiropractor Examiner through the American Board of Independent Medical Evaluators (ABIME). He has also completed a Certificate course in the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.
Dr. Swain has provided Disability Management consulting for a variety of teams and corporations across Canada.
Dr. Swain has extensive experience in the field of Independent Medical Evaluations pertaining to a variety of benefit determinations, back-to-work recommendations, and management requirements. Dr. Swain has completed legislative training requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, in addition to ongoing Continuing Education related to the assessment, diagnosis, and management of various types of injuries, from Chronic Pain Syndrome to Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries.
In terms of academic and performance-based acknowledgments, Dr. Swain has received the Dr. R.S. MacMurray Gold Medal of Academic and Athletic Achievement, the Colonel Henry Thomas Scholarship Award, two separate Undergraduate Alumni Scholarships, the Dr. John F. H. Teed Memorial Prize in Science, and the Don Tanco Augustine Memorial Award. He has been published in multiple industry journals, writing on topics relating to injury, legislation, workplace safety, and the provision of assessments.

Alex Wijnbergen

Alex Wijnbergen, BSc

Director of Operations

Mr. Wijnbergen heads up the operations of all departments, manages client relationships, and directs our short- and long-term strategic goals and projects. He has worked in a number of roles throughout his career at A.R.S., developing expertise in project management and development, business analysis, and human resource development.
Mr. Wijnbergen joined A.R.S. in 2015 and has been instrumental in the development and ongoing improvement of its internal processes, infrastructure, and protocols.

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