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Doctor writing on clipboard

Evaluations by Expert Assessors Across Canada

A.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services Ltd has expert assessors in Ontario and throughout Canada for your independent medical evaluations.

Our trained professionals provide accurate and detailed assessments, no matter the type of assessment being performed.

Our roster of expert assessors has gone through extensive training and is regularly reviewed to ensure that they are consistently producing quality and accurate services.

Each of our assessors are chosen based on their training, certifications, and experience. We regularly vet our roster of experts to ensure ongoing ‘Good Standing’ with respective Colleges and governing bodies.

Female physiotherapist helping elderly man in wheelchair do exercises

What Is an Expert Assessor?

An expert assessor is someone certified, licensed or registered as a medical or paramedical professional who possesses the knowledge and skill to effectively evaluate a person’s physical, mental, cognitive, functional and/or vocational circumstances.

An expert assessor will comply with relevant standards of conduct, and will work within the legislation and regulations that govern their profession.

We have assessors who are qualified across all medical specialties, allowing us to easily handle customer requests for any type of discipline.

Rely on Canada’s Experts

When it comes to getting a third-party medical evaluation, it is necessary that you choose a provider that has expert assessors. In Ontario and throughout Canada, A.R.S. Assessment Rehabilitation Services Ltd provides unbiased, reliable evaluations. With our assessors, and our CARF Certified organization, you can be confident in the service you receive.

Our assessors are highly trained and are regularly reviewed for quality assurance. Whether you need a Physiatry Evaluation, a Functional Abilities Evaluation, a Neuropsychological Evaluation, or any other type of assessment, our team has you covered.

Rely on Canada’s experts today and contact our team.

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