About Us

Mission Statement:
Achieving success in the realms of independent medical examinations, disability management, rehabilitation, wellness and prevention through professional, customer service oriented, outcome based, ethical business practices.  Always striving to be a leader in our industry, while never compromising on quality.  Adhering to the strictest standards of practice, while never compromising on integrity.  Treating all persons served with the utmost respect.  Developing new products and introducing innovative solutions, while remaining focused on the person served.  Expanding our regional penetration and our product offerings to meet the needs of expanding markets.  We succeed by one success at a time, and we distinguish ourselves through experience, knowledge, added value services and personal attention.

Our Values:

  • Customer service: Delivering what we promise.
  • Timeliness: Guaranteed 24 hour telephone, email follow up and verbal status reports.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrating respect, integrity and a commitment to make a difference with all stakeholders.
  • Continuous learning: Being creative, intuitive and knowledgeable about health management best practices through seminars, conferences, periodicals and the Internet.

Our Team:

Soula Pereira, B. Kin, (Hons.), C.A.E.
Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: 877.304.2239 ext.: 228 cell: 416.917.9118  fax: 416.510.8766
soula@arsi.ca | vCard


Dr. Jason Swain, Hons. B.Sc., D.C., CICE
President and Chief Operating Officer
Tel.: 877.304.2239 ext.: 225 cell: 416.903.5905 fax: 416.510.8766
jason@arsi.ca | vCard


Maria Maheras
Vice President Operations
Tel.: 877.304.2239  fax: 416.510.8766


Stephanie Burns, B.A.
General Manager
Tel.: 877.304.2239 ext.: 226 cell: 905.626.9390  fax: 416.510.8766


Dr. Villerma D’Ugo, B.A., M.A., D.C.
Quality Assurance Manager | National
Tel.: 877.304.2239 fax: 416.510.8766


Sladana Zivkovic-Ilic, M.Sc.
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance Supervisor


Andrew Jacob, B.A. (Hons.), M.A.
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance | National
Tel.: 877.304.2239 fax: 416.510.8766


Dr. Katherine Lee, BPHE, DC
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance


Melissa Piccioli, B.Kin., C.A.E., R.K.
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance


Kavitha Shan
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance


Natalie Raymond, BPHE (Hons.), OTA/PTA
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


Shantelle Roopnarinesingh, B.Sc. Kin. (Hons.)
Medical Editor, Quality Assurance
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


Alex Wijnbergen
Medical Documentation Specialist


Amanda Millson
Medical Documentation Specialist
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


Madalena Martins
Senior Case Manager and Intake Coordinator | Ontario
Tel.: 877.304.2239 ext.: 224 fax: 416.510.8766


Andrea Georgopoulos
Senior Intake Coordinator


Alicia Lawrie
Senior Intake Coordinator
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


Cristina Monardo
Intake Coordinator
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


Melissa Spence
Administrative Assistant


Elena Ji
Accounting Clerk
Tel: 877-304-2239  Fax: 416-510-8766


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