Work Trials and Work-Hardening Programs

Our work trials and work hardening programs assist claimants as they regain their capacity in real work environments. By using the outlined physical demands of their pre-accident occupation, and by providing support, guidance and instruction, a safe and cost-effective improvement in work tolerance and productivity is more readily achieved. Work trials are used in such circumstances as when an employer is unable to provide a modified work position or an employer is unable to accommodate the employee’s return to work until a full functional level of recovery has been achieved. We provide a work trial in an identical position, with another employer, working closely with that employee during an on-site work hardening program aimed at restoring the claimant to his or her pre-accident job demands. Throughout this process, active monitoring of the recuperative process is undertaken until the participant has achieved a full or maximum medical recovery and is deemed capable of safely returning to their full participation in his or her pre-accident work environment.

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