Seminars and Information Sessions

At A.R.S., we recognize the challenges of keeping up with the constants changes occurring within this market. A.R.S. health professionals provide complimentary seminars to insurers and insurance claims adjusters, rehabilitation counselors, and new claims representatives, on a diverse range of interest and needs. A.R.S. also provides informative newsletters and updates regarding the latest changes within our industry.

The following is a list of examples of seminars.

  1. Complex Case Management – Psychosomatic Issues.
  2. The Management of Acquired Brain Damage.
  3. How to Manage a Cardiology File – the Pitfalls – Understanding the Drugs.
  4. How to Read and Interpret a Functional Abilities Evaluation.
  5. When Do You Use an Orthopaedic Evaluation or Physiatrist Evaluation?
  6. When Do You Use a Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
  7. How Do You Use Functional Evaluations for Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia?
  8. Using the ARCON Protocol for Homesite Evaluations
  9. Changes in the Industry Post DACS.

We would appreciate any suggestions from your Claim Representatives that will help us tailor our seminars to the current needs of the industry.

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