Return To Work Case Management

Early efforts to help injured employees return to work will increase the probability for successful transition and, thereby, reduce rehabilitation costs. A.R.S will assign an Injury Case Manager, Registered Nurse or disability Case Manger with appropriate training who will be accountable for the administration of the case. The Case Manager will liaise with all treatment professionals and keep the client and employer up to date with the case and medical status. The Case Manager will also facilitate hospital discharge where necessary, as well as coordinate, assess and monitor treatment with all associated professionals. This proactive approach for coordinating the activities of management, union, insurance carrier, health care professionals and vocational rehabilitation services will insure a timely and safe return to work.

Assessment Rehabilitation Services Inc. helps to design and implement a comprehensive RTW program including the completion of a Physical Demands Analysis, Functional Abilities Assessment, Vocational Assessment, and Transferable Skills Analysis, for employees returning to work.

At the case level, A.R.S. can work with the claimant, insurer and/or employer to develop and coordinate a return to work plan that utilizes graduated or modified duties and job accommodations, where necessary. This benefits both employees and employers as downtime is reduced and the employee’s skills are being utilized during the recovery period. This also, in many cases saves the employer retraining and staff replacement costs.

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