Independent Vocational Evaluations

An Independent Vocational Evaluation is a systematic evaluation by a Certified Vocational Evaluator to identify appropriate vocational choices that considers, and incorporates comprehensive testing of, the individual’s aptitudes, abilities, personality traits, and prior life and vocational experiences. Ideally, a vocational assessment is performed following, or in conjunction with a thorough physical examination by a medical specialist such as an orthopaedic surgeon, and/or a Functional Abilities Evaluation (please see description of Functional Abilities Evaluation below). If requested, a Labour Market Survey (LMS) is also included as part of the Vocational Evaluation. A LMS is a detailed report that surveys the present job market in the field particular to the claimant and generates a selection of potential employment opportunities for the claimant that is reasonable and attainable. Also, it details the research performed by the Certified Vocational Evaluator in generating their selection.

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