Independent Psychovocational Evaluation

An Independent Psychovocational Evaluation may be used for wide variety of circumstances in the vocational assessment and rehabilitation of an individual such as when the question of complete occupational disability arises in a given claim. This type of evaluation is typically conducted by a Psychologist and considers accident-related historical details as well as focuses on the claimant’s educational and occupational history in determining suitable occupational options from a psychological point of view. In a psychovocational evaluation, the psychologist addresses issues that could hinder a claimant’s return to his or her occupation such as whether an extensive formal education program would be required for occupational options deemed suitable through the evaluation, whether a learning disability is suspected, or whether the claimant is restricted in his or her capacity to return to pre-accident occupation due to chronic pain. This type of evaluation is also useful in the examination of a case involving an individual with an identified history of pre-existing disability.

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