Independent Psychological Evaluation

An Independent Psychological Evaluation examines the impact an incident might have had on an individual’s psychological well-being from an emotional and behavioural standpoint. This type of evaluation involves a detailed evaluation by licensed psychologist conducts a structured clinical interview with the claimant. There are then psychometric inventories that the claimant completes so that the psychologist has an adequate psychological database from which to form a psychological opinion. Often, the licensed psychologist is assisted by a psychometrist given the breadth of the psychometric test battery which typically includes tests with validity features to assist the psychologist in determining the claimant’s overall level of effort, as well as exploring pre-existing personality features that may affect their psychological response to a traumatic event, and that may lead to under or over-reporting of psychological complaints. This type of evaluation illuminates the claimant’s emotional, behavioural, and cognitive status and determines if there is evidence of a diagnosable DSM-IV psychological disorder as a result of the incident in question, and if so, the extent of its impact on pre-incident activities and what psychotherapeutic remedies would be appropriate.

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