Independent Psychiatry Evaluation

An Independent Psychiatry Evaluation a mental health evaluation by a medical physician specializing in Psychiatry to determine whether there is objective evidence of psychological/psychiatric illness as a result of the incident in question which may constitute impairment resulting in one or more types of disability. The psychiatric evaluation consists of an in-depth clinical interview and, rather than psychometric testing, a Mental Status Examination of the claimant to determine whether observational data corresponds with subjectively reported complaints. A psychiatric assessment involves a detailed and comprehensive evaluation, largely in the form of an interview, that will provide comprehensive information on the psychiatric status of an individual as related to accident-related impairment, pre-existing psychiatric conditions, if identified, and prognosis for recovery from any identified impairment or disability.  In addition, an independent sychiatric evaluator is qualified to comment on the reasonableness and necessity of psychoactive medications that may have been rescribed to the claimant for recovery from injuries sustained in the incident in question, and to make recommendations for psychoactive medications the claimant’s treating physician(s) may wish to consider.

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