Independent Physiatry (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) Evaluation

An Independent Physiatry Evaluation is a comprehensive medical evaluation of the claimant’s
musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, neurological complaints, and pain syndromes such as
fibromyalgia or myofascial pain syndrome, from the standpoint of an expert in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A physiatry assessment is recommended particularly in cases in which there is no definite evidence of bony or neurological injury on file, but pain symptoms persist beyond expected timeframes and/or there is documented evidence of pre-existing pain disorders that might impede recovery, or if the claimant’s treating practitioners have determined that such a medical condition exists as a result of the incident in question. Our physiatrists spend considerable time reviewing the medical brief, and interviewing and examining the claimant to determine the extent of any medically supported neuromusculoskeletal impairment or disability, if any, while providing recommendations for a safe and cost-effective return to their pre-accident level of function. Such recommendations may include community-based aquatherapy or medications that the family physician may wish to consider trialing. For more serious conditions, there may be recommendations for physical modalities, gym memberships with personal trainer sessions, assistive devices, orthotics, prostheses, and experiential training approaches. In Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, emphasis is placed on the optimization of function through the combined use of these modalities where appropriate.

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