Independent Neuropsychological Evaluation

An Independent Neuropsychological Evaluation is a specialized assessment by a duly qualified
psychologist who examines the neurocognitive and behavioural manifestations of brain injury.
Through a clinical interview and a battery of neuropsychological testing consisting of tests
measuring effort and validity as well as tests measuring variables such as cognitive abilities,
intellectual functioning, language skills, visuospatial skills, attention and processing speed,
executive functioning, learning and memory, and motor functions, a neuropsychological
evaluation explores the impact of a brain injury on an individual’s neurocognitive functioning.
This is a lengthy examination typically requiring a full day, and is typically carried out when
brain injury has occurred and it is necessary to evaluate the relationship of cognitive complaints
to the accident, what the resulting impairments are, if present, and the extent to which such
impairment hampers the claimant’s ability to participate in pre-accident activities. Following the
evaluation, the neuropsychologist will be able to determine whether there is evidence of a brain
injury resulting in neurocognitive impairment, or whether the cognitive complaints are likely
related to emotional factors or other aetiologies.

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