Independent Job Site Analysis or Physical Demands Analysis

An Independent Job Site Analysis or Physical Demands Analysis is an evaluation by an occupational therapist or other appropriately trained regulated health care provider that takes place at the claimant’s place of employment and provides objective information on the physical demands of his or her job as reported by the employer and observed by the assessor. The results of such evaluations can be used by medical assessors to better evaluate the claimant’s ability to physically perform the tasks of his or her job. They can also be used to structure treatment and/or work simulation programs, as well as to make recommendations on worksite modifications or work aides to assist the claimant in a safe and timely return to work. When an employer does not grant access to the worksite for this purpose, the assessor will conduct a structured interview with the claimant and cross-reference the subjective reports with data the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and National Occupational Classification (NOC) systems to better objectify the physical demands of the claimant’s pre-accident employment.

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