Independent Functional Abilities Evaluation/Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE), also known as a Functional Capacities Evaluation (FCE), is a quantitative method of assessing an individual’s work capacity or, alternatively, the level at which the individual is able to function. The FAE/FCE matches the individual’s current performance levels to the demands of his/her normal pre-accident level of function. An FAE/FCE is recommended to obtain accurate and quantified information regarding an individual’s physical/functional work capacity for comparison to specific pre-accident demands. The FAE/FCE is able to simulate actual job stressors to determine accurate information regarding the individual’s tolerance level for activities of daily living or essential tasks of employment. In addition, the FAE/FCE contains numerous validity measures which indicate whether a good effort was put forth and the results can be considered a reasonable reflection of the claimant’s likely abilities. When an FAE/FCE is scheduled in conjunction with a Jobsite Analysis, a comparison can be made between the individual’s present physical abilities and his or her pre-accident job demands.

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