Independent File Reviews

Our medical and other health professionals can provide a detailed review of a claimant’s file and provide responses to questions posed by the referring source. File reviews can determine the reasonableness and necessity of various Treatment and Assessment Plan (OCF-18) proposals covering everything from to assistive devices to requests for Catastrophic Impairment Assessments as well as other claims for expenses in question such as prescription medication expenses. These determinations are made based on the documented injuries, the claimant’s documented medical history, and the findings of any assessments completed and on file to date and whether there is compelling evidence supporting the assessment request or treatment modality in question. As with any examination, whether through the file review process or a direct/in-person examination of the claimant, A.R.S. will promptly notify the referring source should the assessor require any additional documentation, such as treatment progress notes or the complete records of the claimant’s treating physician, in order to make his or her determination.

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