Independent Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomics (workstation): the science of arranging and adjusting your work environment to fit you and your body.

The purpose of an Independent Ergonomic Evaluation is to identify risk factors associated with the client’s occupational demands and to recommend ergonomic adaptations from which the individual may benefit in order to decrease or minimize the identified risk factors. The evaluation is carried out at the workplace by an occupational therapist or other appropriately trained regulated health care provider. The objectives of the evaluation are to reduce the chance of further injury, increase the individual’s awareness of proper body and working mechanics through education, and to make recommendations to ensure that the individual can continue engaging in their occupational duties within the limits of his or her physical impairment(s). The evaluation consists of a detailed history of relevant events taken by the assessor, injuries and current symptoms, basic job description, and a comprehensive workstation analysis. Reports contain a detailed overview of identified risk factors and suggested solutions such as ergonomic adaptations.

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