Homesite & Worksite Analyses

Homesite & Worksite Assessments provide practical recommendations for clients to reintegrate themselves effectively in their environment with an emphasis in returning clients to their pre-accident level of function in a safe, cost effective and expeditious manner.

Independent Living Assessments are an objective evaluation of the client’s self-care and home environment tasks to determine their ability to function. IADL’s are valuable in determining if a client is able to live independently.

Homesite Assessments are used to evaluate the various tasks a client may have at home, and to what extent their injury may impair their ability to do so.

Worksite Evaluations provide objective information on the physical demands of the client’s job. The results of such evaluations can be used to structure treatment and work simulation programs, as well as to make recommendations on work site modifications or work aides to assist the client in returning to work.

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