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Health Risk Assessment
If healthy employees equates to productive employees, what strategies and initiatives do you have in place to maximize employee health?

The comprehensive ARS Health Risk Assessment will assist you in assessing the current health and wellness of your employees. By better understanding potential health risks you will in turn maximize employee productivity and reduce absenteeism and disability insurance premiums.

According to the Obesity Canada website, 20 to 50% of all adults have a weight problem. With obesity at record levels, associated health risk such as heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, gall bladder disease, sleep disorder and weight-bearing activities become a challenge not only for our health care system but employers as well.

The assessment includes a 20 minute private interview with a Registered Nurse, a personal health risk profile questionnaire, clinical measurements (i.e. blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, hip/ waist ratio, blood sugar test and blood cholesterol test. The assessment also includes a health status report assessing if the employee is at low, moderate or high risk for future illness or disability and a physician’s letter for employees who receive a high risk assessment.

The data is compiled and a status report for the employer is generated detailing the percentage of employees at risk for specific disease by gender and recommendations for wellness strategies including wellness clinics and education sessions.

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Employee Immunization Services
Employee absenteeism due to sickness such as the flu may be costing you a bundle! According to an article in the April, 2008 Benefits and Pension Monitor titled: Simple Vaccine Offers Big Payoff, there is a 95% chance children attending pre-school or primary school will contract a disease. The cost of a disease to the parents, you the employer and the health care system could be more than $350 per family in absenteeism, treatment and other associated costs. As an employer you have two options. Do nothing and hope your employees and their children avoid disease or two, implement an immunization program to significant reduce the probability of your employees taking time off for themselves and or their children.

The article states that: by far the greatest cost comes from lost productivity. Seventy percent of the cost in the average case of chickenpox is due to caregiver productivity loss- in other words, the time the caregiver, usually a father or mother, has to take off from work. In uncomplicated cases, this has been established at 3.4 days for day-care age children and 1.6 days for school age children. For a complicated case, time off work has been estimated at eight days or more.

ARS offers a variety of immunization programs including influenza, measles, hepatitis, T.B. and tetanus. The service includes: an education sheet, pre-screen questionnaire, consent and post clinic information sheet. Flexible scheduling is available to accommodate all shifts.

Employee Drug Alcohol Testing Services
Do you have alcohol and or drug issues in your workplace? Is one or more of your employees risking the health and safety of others?

The ARS Employee Testing Service will enhance your ability to proactively manage employee chemical dependency. Testing can occur during the hiring process or at any time you have reasonable suspicion that an employee has chemical dependency problems. The testing will occur at a location of your choosing. Positive and or negative quick test results are available immediately. Detailed testing results are available within 48 hours.

ARS will work with you and your Employee Assistance Program provider to ensure a positive test is managed quickly and efficiently.

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Wellness Seminar Services
The ARS Wellness Seminar Services make wellness a top priority mind for all employees.
For most people life is all about routines. Working and managing family needs month after month and year after year is very time consuming. Finding time to learn and implement wellness strategies simply does not happen for most employees. As a result many employees gain weight and increase their risk for life threatening disease and illness resulting in absenteeism.

ARS can offer you a variety of topics including heart health, nutrition, elder care, end of life care, occupational stress management, fitness management and pain management.
If you have a specific seminar request not mentioned above, please contact us and we will customize it to suit your needs.

Seminars are available in a lunch and learn format or in a formalized setting. Please contact us so we may address your needs.

Wellness Program Design
Can you imagine having no lost time claims, engaged employees and little or no employee retention issues?

The ARS Wellness Program Design service will give you the expertise you need to assess, design, implement and evaluate a wellness program just for you whether you have a program in place or you are just starting. Our wellness consultant will support you each step of the way and will offer best practice solutions for the following:

  • Gaining Senior Management buy-in
  • Creating a wellness team
  • Collecting data
  • Creating an action plan
  • Choosing and budgeting for programming
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

According to an Ipsos-Reid study (March, 2004) for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, $2.30 to $10.10 can be saved in decreased absenteeism, fewer sick days, reduced WSIB claims, lower health and insurance costs and improvements to employee productivity.

With the average age of the Canadian workforce approaching 45 years of age, implementing a wellness program with ARS may be just right for you.

Please call or email ARS for a free consultation.
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