Disability Management Services

Return to Work Management:
Early intervention is critical to minimizing costs associated with absenteeism due to disability. Early and consistent communication with all stakeholders will ensure disabled employees return to work in a timely fashion. A.R.S will assign a Case Manager, to manage your claim from beginning to end. The Case Manager will liaise with all stakeholders including the disabled employee, attending physician, supervisor, insurer and other treatment professionals to develop an action plan which will ensure a timely return to work.

Disability Management Program Audits
How effective is your disability management program? Managing disability claims requires participation and cooperation from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Establishing buy-in from attending physicians, disabled employee, unions) and other stakeholders from the beginning of the process can significantly impact how efficiently and timely disabled employee return to work. Our Disability Management Program Audit will analyze how your program can be improved. We will review all of the following:

  • Identification of gaps that negatively affect an early and safe return to work
  • Policy and procedures pertaining to lost time claims
  • WSIB, STD and LTD account statements
  • Current claim documentation
  • Disability Audits – Discover the true cost of disability. What does absence really cost your organization? Let our trained specialists guide you through a complete financial audit of your disability programs.
  • Statistical data (i.e. absenteeism rate, claim duration and frequency)
  • Demographic analysis
  • Collective bargaining wording pertaining to disability claims
  • Health promotion and wellness strategies
  • Disability management forms and documents
  • Knowledge and skill of team leaders and or supervisors in managing claims
  • A detailed report with recommendations is included.

On Site Clinics
The health of your employees is critical to ensuring good customer service and productivity. The A.R.S. on site clinics which include Drug and Alcohol Screening, Blood Pressure Screening, Cholesterol Screening as well as on site Flu Immunization clinics will assist you to proactively manage and limit absenteeism. All clinics are administered by highly trained qualified Registered Nurses who deliver professional efficient services.

Education Programs
A.R.S. can offer a variety of educational sessions for employers include Understanding How Ergonomics Can Save You Money, When to Use an Independent Medical Examination, Flu Prevention strategies, Early and Safe Return To Work Best Practices, Navigating the Labour Market Re-entry Assessment Process, Developing a Corporate Wellness program.

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